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Girls Clothes

Olive Buds

Olive green, blush pink, and blue-gray combine to create a modern muted color palette for this nature-inspired collection. 

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Star Gazer

Planetary purples, teals, and blacks are the signature colors of this collection, which features easy-to-layer dresses and tops.

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Petal Leaves

Ruffle-trimmed separates and twirl-ready dresses in bright pink, lime green, and crisp white make up this backyard-fun collection.

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Boys Clothes

Red, White, & Blue's

Modern twist on a classic combo, this collection incorporates trendsetting shades of blue-gray, midnight navy, and deep red

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Urban Explorer

Basic black and neutral grey, combined with modern styles and vintage motifs offer broad versatility in this collection.

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Nature's favorite shades of olive green, forest green, oatmeal and rich brown, make up the neutral palette in this collection.

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Simple Separates

Summer's Best

Simplify life with colorful separates priced at $20 (or less). Shop our collection of versatile, everyday favorites.

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Things We Think About...


We carefully select versatile clothes with greater wearability, so that you spend less time managing your kids' closets.  Not only are we conscientious about comfort and durability, but we also ensure multi-season and multi-year use. This means clothes that are cut with room to grow, free of constricting seams, easy to layer and made with 3-season fabrics.


We carry products from socially responsible suppliers that are changing the fashion landscape. Their adopted eco-friendly manufacturing processes include the use of organic and natural materials, non-toxic dying, water recycling and conservation. Many of our products are hand-printed, hand-sewn, and celebrate local artisan makers. ALL of the products we carry are ethically produced.

Sibling Share

Make your investment last longer with bundleduds Sibling Share. Classically-designed, gender-neutral options for boys, girls, siblings, cousins, and friends to share. Featuring adjustable features and a palette of modern neutral colors that mix and match easily. Find shorts, pants, jackets, overalls and tee's among the mix.