Our Customers: The Experience Matters.

Our Customers: The Experience Matters.

No Catalog. Less Fatigue. 

Online store catalogs are full of noise-- endless scrolling, clunky filters, and way too many options that don’t make sense for the season, climate or your actual lifestyle.  Clothing catalogs quickly overwhelm the already-overwhelmed in a digital environment. Decision-fatigue sets in quickly as you try to compare the colors, styles, fabrics, and price of options that are similar but not the same. It’s simply too many data points to take in, especially when you are buying a collection of clothes.  There’s enough noise and distraction in our lives already; why tolerate this from a store?

To reduce the noise in your life, Bundleduds has eliminated the linear, scrolling store catalog.  You won’t find this in our store and that’s on purpose. We value your time and money so we don’t want you to impulse shop or aimlessly browse.  Instead, all we ask you to do is select a size and an Inspiration Item. A suggested bundle is automatically created featuring colors and styles that coordinate with your chosen Inspiration Item.  You can edit from there seeing only a narrowed selection for each garment in the seasonal collection--tops and bottoms of certain weight and cut based on the season. We want to make things easier so you don’t have to waste time shopping item-by-item coordinating all your selections.  We do this work for you.   


No Surveys. Still Personal.   

Rather than asking you for surveys or personal profiles, we use Inspiration Items as the building block for how we personalize your recommendation.  We recognize that surveys are only as good as the data they capture. Let’s be honest - the way you feel, the way your child expresses themselves, and the styles and colors that you both favor change constantly.  So why be locked-in based on a partially accurate survey? Instead, we treat each shopping experience as a new opportunity for creativity and inspiration: after all, isn’t that what childhood should be about?   

Sure, we retain information from your past shopping with us, but you can reset or build upon those favorites depending on your purpose and on how you (and your child) feel that day.    Each time you shop with us, you can select a previous bundle to build from, or start fresh with new set of Inspiration Items.

Swipe to Swap.                          

We want you to come to us when you need a collection of clothing items for you child because the season has changed, a growth spurt has happened, or another real-life reason.  You need quality, everyday wear fast and we don’t want you to have to search item-by-item through a catalog to create a mini collection for your child.  It’s too frustrating and time consuming. Instead, we help you shop for the whole collection at once, configuring cohesive seasonal wardrobes with just enough tops, bottoms, and specialty items.  You can make the configurations any size you want, swapping out or eliminated what you don’t love.  If we need more information to get it right, we'll just ask. 



Why Bundles?                       

True, most online clothing stores allow customers to filter options according to the garment type, size, and sometimes other characteristics like color.  But this sequential way of shopping, item-by-item, is both time-consuming and exhausting as you reset and search again and again. It’s tiresome to try and coordinate the options as you select one item at a time and move it to your shopping cart.  And to trade one item for another requires that you start the process over- you have to go through the store catalog and several filters again. It’s hard to remember where that other option was or how much it costs. We want to make these comparisons easy so that you can simply “swipe-to-swap” one item for another. 

You won’t find a conventional shopping cart in our store.  Instead, our auto-created bundle is like a virtual clothing rack- making automatic recommendations for you to consider.  We combine related items in one grouping and let you look at them all together as a cohesive wardrobe. We don’t expect you to buy all your kids’ clothing with us (although we do have some great perks if you do!).  But we do try to give you a cohesive seasonal wardrobe with items that also function during other times of the year.              

Your order is processed and shipped via USPS, delivered in reusable packaging to help organize your life.  Shipping is free for qualified orders and all returns are free.  Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated.