Using AI to Improve Customer Experience

Today’s landscape within the eCommerce market is extremely competitive when it comes to garnering new customers, as well as retaining existing ones. Estimates state there are over 1.92 billion online shoppers as of 2018, and this number is continually rising. Today an eCommerce site, especially a new startup site, must utilize the latest technology available to stand out. Using Artificial Intelligence technology can be a differentiating way to improving customer experience and optimizing their backend supply chain.

In today’s competitive eCommerce world, attracting loyal shoppers goes beyond just pricing, shipping options, and product selections. While these issues are essential, more relevant today’s eCommerce stores must provide intuitive, personalized shopping as well as other aspects focused on products and content. Using AI technologies like predictive analytics, chatbots, product content management, and recommendation engines, online stores can offer a more intuitive and customer branded shopping experience than what has been historically offered within eCommerce.

Successful online stores today must know what the customer is looking for before they do. Effectively tracking data in areas such as previous click-throughs during store visits, product purchase history, along with what products were abandoned and not just purchased is extremely important. By combining this type of data with Machine Learning, the resultant information will provide more intelligent results. Using those results, along with Predictive Analytics, will offer the customer a much smoother shopping experience. Hopefully, in turn, this will result in more time spent product shopping and making more significant purchases.

Product Content Management is an area that for a store like Bundleduds is crucial. Because Bundleduds offers customers the ability to purchase items in pre-recommended bundles and using AI is vital to our product offerings. By performing thorough data analysis, the experts at Bundleduds use data from market trends, sales analysis, and customer selection history to accurately and cost-effectively configure bundle offerings.

With the competitive landscape of today's eCommerce world, being able to differentiate solely on a product level is virtually impossible. For an online store to be successful, the new differing factor is "how" they sell their products. Do they make it easy to find products, does it save time, does it help the customer shop smarter and in turn buy smarter. To help answer those questions, AI, along with Machine Learning, will help provide the analysis data to improve customer experience in each of those areas continuously.