What products do you feature?

We curate multi-season collections of mix-and-match kids clothing in sizes 2T-8, designed for everyday wear.  Our 6 collections are organized as "capsule wardrobes," featuring a select number of seasonally-appropriate tops, bottoms, and layers.  All our collections feature gender-neutral options.  We take time to choose only the most versatile options of comfortable, durable, and environmentally-conscious garments.  Our everyday shirts, pants, dresses, and shorts are produced from at least 95% natural fibers and toxin-free dying processes.

Where do you source your clothing products?

Individual clothing items come from a variety of small, mostly family-owned manufacturers, with preference for socially-conscious organizations, products and processes.  Our selection criteria puts durability and longevity first and foremost, as we are deeply aware of the financial and environmental costs of children's clothing.  Likewise, we seek options for providing organic and sustainably-made clothing, hoping to further the industry's eco-friendly efforts.

What kind of styles do you carry?

We are all about real life and our clothing styles focus on daily active wear: loose, comfortable fitting clothes with reinforced durability.  While not specifically "minimalist", we do carry many simple patterns color schemes that layer and mix-and-match easily for greater versatility and wear.  Additionally, we have inspiration items that feature playful, globally-inspired designs across our select color palettes.

How does your sizing work?

Sizing guides are included in our product and collections pages, and follow industry standards of measurement.  Because our clothing styles favor relaxed fits, with adjustable cuts, we expect our clothes to fit longer and are committed to longer wearability in our inventory selections.

What does shipping cost?  And returns?

Being an environmentally conscience company, we ship items in re-usable packaging called "bundle packs", which can be reused for packing all kinds of items into kids backpacks or for long trips. Our standard shipping uses USPS Priority Mail and free shipping is offered for purchases over $75.  Returns: Items may be returned within 90 days at no cost using a printable return shipping label which we will provide after the customer notifies us.